This vegetable casserole recipe can be altered and added to all to your hearts content! And the vegetarians in your life will love you too.

Serves 8

It’s just a simple layered potato casserole. So here’s the basics and then the rest is up to your imagination and pantry, garden or fridge supplies.

You need:
4-6 medium to large potatoes
1 Packet of onion, mushroom or any other soup mix
Veges, grated such as corgettes, carrots, even grated apple. You may also add very thinly sliced veges such as capsicum, mushroom,yam, kumara, onions, garlic
Grated cheese
1 1/2 cups milk (or Rice Dream Rice Milk for the dairy-free recipe)

How to:
Wash and thinly slice potatoes and your other veges. Grate any vegetables you have or desire.

Mix the soup mixture with the milk in a bowl.
Layer 1 row of potatoes, a thin layer of sliced and/or grated ‘other’ veges and then a thin scattering of cheese in a greased dish.

Alternate until veges are gone or the dish is 3/4 full. Pour over soup mixture and season. Add a grated cheese if you wish. Cook 180 C for 3/4 hours serve with salad as a main or with meat as a side. Enjoy!

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