The amazing Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is now a handy cooking spray. Check out the incredible feedback from customers and rice bran oil converts here in New Zealand.

Here’s what New Zealanders have been saying about Rice Bran Oil.

“I have used Rice Bran Oil for some time now. I love the taste and how it is so easy to use. There is no greasy after-taste. Love it.”
Regards Joanne Knox, via email (NZ)

“Love the rice bran oil spray as a butter, what a great idea!”
Cheers Karen Green, via email (NZ)

“I have just purchased both the Alfa One oil and spread, and as I am very health conscious, found them both ideal. The oil and spray had no after-taste and did not make the food greasy, plus I found it cooked really quickly. The spread is just as good and I am using it on toast, it tastes delicious. A really great product.”
Carol Brown, via email (NZ)

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