It’s alive! Come June 18th 2009, Bakers Delight stores NZ-wide will launch a new authentic sourdough bread. Scrummy!

A truly authentic Sourdough has to be made from a traditional recipe featuring a live culture. Now Bakers Delight is proud to announce the birth of its very own culture, sourced from San Francisco and grown in 33 bakeries across New Zealand to produce an authentic fresh, preservative free Sourdough.
“When you are baking Sourdough at a central location, you only need to have one batch of culture,” said Chris Parker, group technical baker for Bakers Delight. “However, as we bake fresh every day at each bakery every single baker needs to care for and nurture their own culture.”
“To maintain product quality, the culture has to be fed every day. All it takes is one lapse and the quality of that culture is compromised, so we had to develop a culture that was authentic, tasty and relatively easy to care for,” added Chris.
The authentic San Francisco culture has travelled from the American Institute of Baking in San Francisco to our shores, to add to Bakers Delight’s artisan bread range.
The culture goes through an intense four step process to ensure maximum quality. This includes a recovery feeding process where the culture is fed for five days to ferment and allowed to reach optimum activity prior to making a final dough. The traditional process takes seven hours from mixing the dough to when it comes out of the oven.  Within that time the dough rests for a period of two hours prior to moulding into its final shape. The dough then goes into a prover (hot humid room) for a period of four hours before finally going in the oven.
Bakers Delight’s new authentic Sourdough, has a thick crunchy crust, an open chewy texture and a slightly sour flavour characteristic of an authentic sourdough. “It has all the elements you’d expect from a top quality Sourdough, and we’re very pleased with it,” said Chris. Earlier this year Bakers Delight conducted a customer trial with the authentic Sourdough in bakeries that received excellent feedback. “Eighty three percent of our customers said they would buy the product again and almost half said they would purchase it on a weekly basis,” added Chris. “This demonstrates that there is still strong demand for quality breads in bakeries, particularly as we are noticing more customers are opting for dining at home rather than eating out to save throughout the economic crisis.”
Ideal for mopping up a hearty bowl of soup or a winter stew, Bakers Delight’s new Sourdough will complement the bakery’s already popular artisan bread range which includes: Continental Pasta Dura, Pane di Casa, Ciabatta and Turkish Bread. Bakers Delight is launching six new Sourdough products including rye and white, available in bakeries from 18 June. For more information or to find your nearest bakery please visit
Bakers Delight has 22 Auckland and four Christchurch stores, as well as bakeries in Hamilton, Hastings, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, and Lower Hutt.

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