Fresh In The Kitchen is all about having your own herb and vege garden. It’s just not that hard and the feelings of accomplishment you’ll get from plucking your own parsley, making your own basil pesto and cooking up your own broccoli and green veges is huge. Lavender grows wonderfully in hedges and the aroma is divine. This lavender wreath is perfect for the kids bedrooms…

To make this superb lavender wreath for the front door at celebratory times, to send to special friends instead of expensive flowers or to keep the kids chilled out at night time, simply prune your lavender bush or hedge right back. This then encourages more growth.

With the cuttings, make a wreath by simply making a circle out of willow branches and wiring together or purchase a pre-made branch weath from your local craft shop, Warehouse or Spotlight.

Weave your lavender stalks as you please – the more the better – and add trinkets as you please. The lavender stays purple as it dries and the fragrance is heart-melting and calming.

The herb is a known relaxant. Even put lavender oil on your baby’s favourite night time snuggly toy. And the best bit about this lavender wreath? You made it yourself and from your own garden!

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