The kiwi faves that are oven-baked wedges and fries have been given a hot, new makeover by Watties! It’s a crunchy, new twist for their wedges and fries.

Wattie’s has put an innovative and indulgent new twist on an iconic favourite with the crisp and deliciously crunchy Tempura Battered oven fries and wedges.

New Zealand grown potatoes, lightly battered tempura style and fried to give them a distinctive golden crispness and superior crunch – essential elements of a champion chip! This fabulous fusion of good old Kiwi chips with a light and savoury Japanese style batter is sure to make them a family favourite.

Enjoyed piping hot and fresh from the oven, these tasty tempura treats will never leave you lost for meal inspiration this winter. And with the Japanese origins of tempura, these chips provide a sumo sized crunch, which means they will be snapped up and savoured by everyone.
As quick and convenient as they are scrumptious, Wattie’s Tempura Battered Chips are ideal winter warmers as the weather starts to cool off. Whether savoured as a sensational snack with Wattie’s iconic tomato sauce, or as part of a hearty winter meal, these chips are a perfect accompaniment to a multitude of occasions.

Wattie’s is committed to providing quality, convenient food to make meals more delicious and nutritious and this new addition to its diverse range is no exception. Wattie’s Tempura Battered oven fries and wedges will make you a star in your own kitchen!

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