New NZ ocean research shows hoki fish stocks at sustainable levels which is great news for the fishing industry, kids brainpower levels and kaimoana cooks!New research shows hoki fishery stock at sustainable levels – “good news” for the fishing industry, as the NZ Seafood Industry Council.

The council’s CEO Owen Symmans says industry-funded Ministry of Fisheries research has shown that both New Zealand’s eastern and western hoki stocks are within target levels. The research found that the eastern hoki stock remains very strong and that it has never been below the target range. Research also found that the western hoki stock is recovering well after several years where low numbers of young fish entered the fishery.

Since 2001, industry and government have worked together to rebuild the western fishery which included industry reducing its catch quota. “Research funded by industry is a component of good fisheries management. We’re very pleased to hear the West Coast hoki stock is now back within sustainable levels and that our investment in the research and collaboration with the Ministry works well,” said Symmans.

New Zealand’s hoki fishery has been Marine Stewardship Council certified as sustainable since 2001.

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