We’re loving Wattie’s new high fibre mix. Fibre is like nature’s broom; you need it to sweep out your system every day so you stay healthy on the inside. Who’d have thought? Snap frozen edamame beans. Now THAT is sexing up frozen veg! Cheers Watties.

Nutritious, flavourful and fuss-free, Wattie’s new high fibre mix of frozen vegetables is set to transform meals.

Wattie’s high fibre mix is a fabulous combination of frozen vegetables featuring yellow and orange carrots with shelled edamame beans – a nutritious new mix which is sure to fast become a mealtime favourite.

Kids will love the colourful combination of sweet and succulent veggies, while adults can rest assured they are eating nutritious food rich in dietary of fibre – essential for healthy digestion. A special inclusion to the Mix is edamame (soy beans), which are popular in Japanese cuisine, and provide high quality protein while also being a good source of dietary fibre – making this new high fibre mix a logical choice for the health-minded household.

With the added advantage of being so quick and convenient, Wattie’s high fibre mix is the perfect pick for modern cooks and families alike. Taking mere minutes to prepare, it provides the perfect accompaniment to a multitude of meals – whether matched with meat, sizzling in a stir-fry or savoured in a salad, these versatile vegetables will have you making magnificent meals in minutes. Ideal for providing inspiration for that last-minute meal, these vibrant vegetables will have you cooking with confidence all year round.

Nutritionist Julie Dick comments “Wattie’s high fibre mix frozen vegetables are an excellent way to get your vegetable intake, along with the additional benefits of being a good source of dietary fibre, and providing protein too – both important in any healthy diet. And because these vegetables have been snap-frozen, their nutritional goodness is locked in for you to enjoy all year round! A great staple for the family freezer.”

And Wattie’s high fibre mix makes a line-up of three in its exciting new range of nutritious frozen vegetables, also including Wattie’s super mix (spinach, broccoli, red peppers, carrots and green beans) and Wattie’s rainbow mix (carrots, broccoli, corn, cauliflower and red peppers), all of which promise to add colour and goodness to any meal.

Iconic New Zealand brand Wattie’s is well renowned for providing simple meal solutions that have been enjoyed by New Zealanders for 75 years.

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