I’ve read a gut-wrenching woman’s health report today that Mike Adams, author of Breast Cancer Deception, says exposes the little-known truth about the massive fraud perpetrated by the breast cancer industry. Every woman needs to read this to decide for themselves.

Nearly everything we’ve been told about breast cancer by the medical establishment is a lie. Here are just a few of the many shocking truths you’ve never been told:

– Breast cancer is 90% preventable through deliberate changes in foods and lifestyle.
– Chemotherapy only works on 1-2% of breast cancer patients.
– The number one cause of breast cancer is chronic vitamin D deficiency (sunlight).
– Mammograms actually cause breast cancer.
– Breast cancer is not caused by “bad genes.”
– All woman have cancer cells and micro tumors. Simply having a tiny tumor detected does not mean you need chemotherapy or radiation.
– Ten women are harmed by mammography for every one woman who is helped by it.
– Countless false positives (false cancer diagnoses) happen every year. You should never trust a single cancer diagnosis.
– Most breast cancer centres have a financial incentive to recruit patients by “finding” evidence of breast cancer.
– Many oncologists would never undergo themsleves, the same chemotherapy they prescribe to patients. Ask them.
– Many of the largest breast cancer non-profits are little more than Big Pharmaceutical front groups operating a massive patient recruitment scam.

Want to learn more?

Read the explosive, eye-opening Breast Cancer Deception report, available right now at:


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