A cheeky television ad for Coke Zero was voluntarily pulled off air by Coca-Cola Oceania after consumer complaints.

The Coke Zero TV ad showed a woman and a man in a restaurant, talking about ending their relationship. A voice-over said, “From the makers of Coca-Cola comes, break up as it should be”. A group of women then appeared wearing short dresses and bikini tops and shorts, dancing around the man, and pole dancing.

The woman the man had just broken up with says “you don’t want to be with one women, when there are so many women out there”. The advertisement ended with text on screen saying “A taste of life as it should be”, and images of women in bikinis dancing around a coke bottle.

A number of people complained to the Advertising Standards Association, while others called Coke HQ to express their displeasure.

Coca-Cola Oceania Ltd told the ASA: “….After receiving…complaints from the public via our own call centre and contacting the ASA to ascertain whether you had received any complaints, we quickly decided to self regulate and withdraw the TVCs from air. This is in keeping with our own corporate social responsibility standards and guidelines….”

There are no plans to screen the television ad in New Zealand.

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