Researching healthy recipes for our new TV show I came across this article that I just had to share. Do men prefer skinny women? Good question! Frames to hang skin off is a turn-off say some. No the skinnier the better say others. Personally I think Victoria Beckham has a fab body but she’s not likely to tuck into our creme brulee recipe here on the website is she?! This is an Australian article but a great read all the same.

There are 3 billion women in the world, but only a handful are supermodels.

“I’ve always been curious as to what sort of physique women want in a man and what men want in a woman,” a blogger wrote to me in an email.

It’s a great question and one that I have grappled with many times myself. Do men like them skinny, or with a bit of meat? What’s it like dating a really skinny girl, and do men prefer to sleep with scrawny chicks or have something solid to hold onto?

I once had a boyfriend who certainly didn’t like them fleshy. A massive gym junky, he would lament over the skinny girls at the gym, feel my love handles and tell me he’d rather see them gone. I told him I’d rather see him gone.

The weight issue is an interesting conundrum and one that solicits a raft of mixed responses. Ask most guys and they’ll respond that they rarely ever go for the chicks who are too skinny (and we’re not talking the naturally skinny type). In fact, much to our surprise, many confess they rather like a few curves, boobs and butts…

“Why would I want to date a coat hanger with expensive shoes?” laughs my friend D, who says sleeping with a girl with booty far outweighs doing it with a bunch of bones. Besides, he says, the skeletal femmes are the ones who are more self-conscious between the sheets. Now who would have thought.

So perhaps our idealised visions of ourselves are a little far removed from reality?

“Exactly,” says D. “Dating a chick who only eats salad is one of life’s worst nightmares. I take her to an expensive restaurant and she picks at the side salad. I mean c’mon! A chick’s got to live a little.”

And yet we continue to spend a whopping $1 million a day on weight-loss attempts. Absurd.

The subject of skinny models and celebrities who perpetuate the myth that men prefer them bony, recently caused a media debacle when the Madrid Fashion Shows finally did something about skeletal chicks on the runways. Any model that fell below a certain weight wasn’t allowed to be in the parade.

Yippee! we all yelled in glee. But it didn’t last long. Trouncing in came a bevy of undernourished chicks like Victoria Beckham, prancing around in micro mini shorts and size 0 Tees. Then Kate Bosworth flew into Australia with protruding hip bones and collar bones jutting out, causing punters at the Melbourne Cup to label her “emaciated”.

So is it attractive or just plain unsightly? It seems the women are confused. According to a recent survey by the Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders, 1 in 20 Australian women say they’ve suffered from an eating disorder.

And don’t think the men are exempt. Hammered, chiselled chests with six-packs, the men are killing themselves too in order to get the perfect physique. And it seems more blokes are jumping on the skinny bandwagon.

Journalist Maggie Hamilton writes about this growing trend in her tome What Men Don’t Talk About (Penguin) and says men are now making up an unprecedented 10 per cent of the eating disorder pie. Think the gents don’t diet? Think again. According to a survey by Mintel, 25 per cent more blokes are dieting than they used to.

So what do the women think?

Some say they love a bit of definition on a man, (especially the biceps). Others think that, if a man sports a six-pack, heck, he must spend way too much time at the gym for comfort. After all, which woman wants to date a lad who spends more time looking in the mirror than she does? Not me. Instead, I say that, in order to attract the opposite sex, it all comes down to self-confidence. And whether it’s gained by exercise, eating well or indulging in a guilt-free Tim Tam every little now and then, what’s a little spare skin around the waist…

By Samantha Brett, SMH

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