Hold the fat! Rumours aplenty in the New Zealand fast-food world that KFC (that chain that was once Kentucky Fried Chicken) has a new, healthier menu on the way. Can we start getting wholegrain burger buns as well please? Pretty please?

KFC customers in New Zealand will soon be given healthy options.

TVNZ has reported that Restaurant Brands, which runs KFC, that the deep friend chicken chain is responding to demand for healthier products and will introduce grilled chicken as well as cook in healthier canola blend oils.

At its annual shareholders meeting on Friday, CEO Russell Creedy said the grilled chicken range has been very successful in the US, and has also been launched in Australia.

“Menus get migrated as trends change,” he said. “Also, as we get new products from overseas, we’ve made note that we’ve aligned much stronger with Yum! Restaurants International (owner) to take more of their marketing in new products on board, so you’ll see those new products come into the menu over time,” he said.

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