What is the most hated vegetable in the world? Brussel sprouts. Mmm, yes, I can see why. But the poor old, misunderstood brussel sprout is actually quite cute (like a mini-me cabbage) and quite delicious – I love them chopped up and crisp in my stirfries. But one person hates them so much, he has banned them entirely.

A Royal Navy captain has banned Brussel sprouts from his warship, HMS Bulwark, because he hates them so much.

Captain Wayne Keble labelled sprouts the “devil’s vegetable”. His orders mean no-one on board the assault ship – including his 390-strong team of sailors and Royal Marines – are allowed to eat them. He brought in the boycott because he “hates” Brussels sprouts but denied a rumour he introduced the ban because they make his crew suffer from flatulence.

Capt Keble disclosed details his ban after he was asked to confirm reports he had banned fried foods from his ship. He said: “The only thing I have banned on board is Brussels sprouts. They are the devil’s vegetable and the only thing I do not like, and the only thing I hate.

“Brussels sprouts are absolutely banned on board HMS Bulwark. I do not eat them so I do not know what the after-effects are.”

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