You get used to seeing the New Zealand Natural Icecream shops in the big cities and malls around this country but now the first ever New Zealand Natural Ice Cream outlet has opened in Russia. Hokey Pokey icecream and vodka? Mmmmm.

The first New Zealand Natural Ice Cream in Russia has opened on the island of Sakhalin, on the country’s east coast.

The company says its licence holder there plans to open more branded outlets in the area before expanding to St Petersburg and Moscow.
New Zealand Natural licensees now operate 600 stores in 21 countries around the world. New Zealand Natural is a division of Emerald Foods, owned by business woman Dianne Foreman.

“Russia is a notoriously difficult market to break into,” said New Zealand Natural’s managing director, Shane Lamont. “We weren’t sure if the first consignment of product would even get through the border. We are very fortunate with our choice of master licence holder, as they have strong contacts in New Zealand and understand the problems and challenges of doing business in Russia.”

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