Kiwis see lean red meat as an important part of a balanced diet and the vast majority do not consider there to be any health issues associated with it, according to the latest market research conducted by Massey University on behalf of Beef and Lamb New Zealand. 

The Beef and Lamb New Zealand survey respondents consider obesity to be the main health issue facing New Zealanders, with diabetes, heart disease and smoking also of concern. All those interviewed ate lean red meat with over 50% eating beef and lamb 3-4 times per week. The majority said they remove any visible fat before eating meat, in line with current nutrition guidelines.

Rod Slater, CEO of Beef and Lamb New Zealand, says the results are a positive reinforcement at a time when consumers are looking for value. 

“It is pleasing to see New Zealanders still know beef and lamb to be their best source of iron alongside other attributes.  In addition, the recall on our television advertisement was so high, it is clear our Iron Maidens, Sarah Ulmer, Caroline Evers-Swindell, Georgina Earl and Sarah Walker are helping to get the message across.”

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