It’s not happening in New Zealand any time soon, but check out this article about Starbucks in America. Brings new meaning to special coffee.

Starbucks will open a new neighbourhood cafe pilot store that will feature beer and wine, night-time hours and live entertainment such as music and poetry readings.That Seattle cafe, called 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea, takes its name from its street address and borrows heavily from neighborhood coffee shops.

A Starbucks spokeswoman said the cafe and any others that follow, would return to making espresso drinks by hand and sell products without the Starbucks logo.

The coffee chain, which has been slashing costs and closing hundreds of poorly performing Starbucks outlets amid a long recession, said the first pilot store is a renovated Seattle Starbucks that was slated to be shuttered by year end.

Starbucks stores around the world currently do not serve alcohol.

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