If you’re like me, you’ll love serving up a beautiful dinner everyone raves about with a bottle of fine wine. Equally as important however is the water on your table. With so many people hitting the health buzz, kicking alcohol to the kerb and opting for mineral water in a wine glass instead, it’s best you get you hands on NZ’s sexiest sparkling water. I’ve found it! Clink!

Water is the new wine when it comes to making a lasting impression and, if you want to channel the ultimate in sophistication then you need a bottle of Te Waihou Reserve at your table.
Te Waihou Reserve (pronounced Tea-Why-Ho) or ‘The New Water’ is sourced from The Blue Spring in the Putaruru region, one of the most revered sources of spring water in the world.

This low mineralised water offers a balanced clean taste to even the most discerning palate and is rich in silica – one of nature’s best loved minerals.

Te Waihou Reserve has been created with the sophisticate in mind to complement a fine dining experience not only in taste but also in presentation. Captured in a stunning slim line bottle, (similar to a wine bottle) Te Waihou Reserve is available in still and sparkling varieties and will make an immediate and lasting impression.

Te Waihou Reserve Still Water has a distinctly refreshing taste. The unusually high purity of the water means you’re left with a soft, luxurious feel in your mouth. Just the feeling you’ll want during those important lunch-time business meetings when every word you say counts!
If it’s bubbles that you’re looking for then Te Waihou Reserve Sparkling Water is the ultimate accompaniment to any delicious cuisine. This delightful water has a well balanced, clean taste with just a hint of movement through subtle crisp bubbles.
Whether it’s a lazy Sunday brunch, power-lunch meeting or romantic evening for two, Te Waihou Reserve brings a touch of elegance and refinement to the occasion.
Te Waihou Reserve is available in 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1 litre glass bottles nationwide.

For more information visit http://www.tewaihouwater.co.nz/

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