I suspected something was on the rise with whisky when one of my funkiest girlfriends Bridgette (a usual wine drinker) invited me to a whisky tasting night in Auckland. Never having attended one before, we threw our gladrags on and went along. It was one of the best nights we’ve had in ages and we learnt so much about all things whisky. Including how much we enjoy it… News out today that more females are turning to the ‘old man’s’ drink. Whisky is now more ‘mother’s little helper’!

The likeable rogue of a popular television show has lead to an increase in New Zealand whisky sales according to an industry expert.
Managing Director of The Whisky Shop, Bart Burgers, believes that TV3’s Boston Legal bad boy Denny Crane has popularised whisky and created a more diverse market. Burgers says the glass of whisky enjoyed on the balcony by Denny Crane and partner Alan Shore at each episode’s end has led to a revival in popularity for the spirit.
“Thanks to the important role whisky played on the show, people see the drink as representative of taste, power and intelligence,” says Burgers.  “Its influence has been huge.”
Whisky, says Burgers, has always been synonymous with success and is considered by many as a boardroom essential. “We have a number of customers who come into the shop to purchase whisky for their business,” says Burgers.
“There is something awe inspiring about owning an expensive aged whisky, because it is a more private thing, drunk at home or in the boardroom.  In a way it’s even more powerful as a status symbol than driving around in a Porsche.”
Whisky is also becoming more popular with young professionals and women, he says. “Whisky used to be somewhat of ‘old man’s’ drink, but lately it has become popular with people in their 20s and 30s because it makes a very good base for cocktails,” he says.
“More and more females have also started drinking whisky.  A long time ago there was the perception that whisky was only a man’s drink but not so these days – in fact our two best customers are actually women.” Whisky is also gaining popularity as the ultimate meal accompaniment – its exotic tastes lend itself to a myriad of food partnerships, he says.
For more information see http://www.whiskyshop.co.nz/

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