Yep, I admit it. 30… mumble… something…years of not-so-flash teeth treatment has left my moosh feeling a little unloved. I’m on track now though and I brush, floss and polish every day. This new Oral B Cross Action toothbrush is pretty nifty too.

Forget 20 cents under your pillow – the greatest thing you’ll receive from the Oral-B tooth fairy is the seven secrets of a healthy mouth thanks to the new Oral-B CrossAction Pro-Health toothbrush!

The “all-in-one” CrossAction Pro-Health toothbrush is clinically superior to a regular manual toothbrush and offers a unique combination of three features including CrissCross bristles, gum stimulators and a textured tongue cleaner to provide seven oral care benefits to help leave your mouth clean and healthy. So you can clean your whole mouth, not just your teeth.

If you’ve always wished for a mouth free of plaque then the CrossAction Pro-Health can help make your wish come true.

The CrissCross bristles can help lift and sweep out up to 90% of plaque in those hard-to-reach places* such as the back of your mouth and between your teeth.

The Oral-B tooth fairy also lets you in on the secret of a cleaner gumline. The CrossAction Pro-Health features a specially designed POWER TIP™ and extended CrissCross™ bristles which are extra long to wrap around teeth. This means you’ll have up to 56% better clean along the gumline compared to a flat trim manual toothbrush.*

This special bristle pattern design even promotes healthy gums in the process!

We all want to start the day with a gorgeous smile and yours can come courtesy of the CrossAction Pro-Health which also helps remove surface stains and polishes your teeth. The cleverly designed bristles help clean the surface area of the tooth and give you a smile you’ll be proud to show off.

You can kiss bad breath good bye with the textured tongue cleaner on the back of the CrossAction Pro-Health. Designed to remove odour-causing bacteria, the tongue cleaner will help keep your mouth fresh and clean.

Brushing your teeth is a more enjoyable and sensory experience thanks to the CrossAction Pro-Health’s soft outer gum stimulators. Positioned on either side of the brush they flex and then straighten, to gently massage gums. Cleaning your teeth has never felt so good!

The CrossAction Pro-Health is even gentle on enamel thanks to the soft, carefully polished, end-rounded bristles. Stiff, chisel-point bristles may scratch your gums but the smooth bristles of this revolutionary brush give the gentleness required to help maintain healthy gums and strong enamel, while providing a thorough clean.

If you want to have all your wishes granted by the Oral-B tooth fairy and learn the seven secrets to a healthy mouth then look no further than the Oral-B CrossAction Pro-Health. This revolutionary toothbrush:

•    Removes up to 90% of plaque in hard-to-reach places*
•    Helps improve gum health
•    Provides up to 56% better cleaning along the gumline vs. a flat trim manual toothbrush*
•    Removes surface stains and polishes teeth
•    Removes odour-causing bacteria from the tongue
•    Massages gums
•    Works gently on enamel and gums

The Oral-B CrossAction Pro-Health manual toothbrush is available from NZ supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide. CrossAction Pro-Health 35 Soft (RRP $5.99), CrossAction Pro-Health 40 Med (RRP $5.99) and CrossAction Pro-Health Twin Pack 35 Soft (RRP $9.99).

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