Get sparkling results in your kitchen with new E-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloths.

Award winning E-cloth is the clean and green alternative to toxic cleaners.  Being chemical-free, the E-cloth can reduce the need for household chemical cleaners by up to 90%.  We estimate this to be a saving of up to $250.00 per year for an average household.

E-cloth is a perfect solution for households with young children, those with allergies or those who would like to help protect the environment.  One in four New Zealanders suffer from an allergy such as asthma and chemical sensitivity.  Using chemicals in everyday cleaning increases the likelihood of an allergy.  

E-cloth is recommended by Asthma NZ and a percentage of all New Zealand sales are donated to Asthma NZ.

E-cloth do not contain, use or even need chemicals to clean effectively. The secret to the cloth’s cleaning power are the millions of fibres, which trap and absorb minute particles of dust and dirt – leaving surfaces so clean there is nowhere left for dust to settle or bacteria to grow.

To start using the E-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth, spray water on to the shiny surface or very lightly dampen part of the cloth, then fold the cloth and wipe away.

The E-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth leaves stainless steel, chrome, glass and mirrors streak-free, making them cleaner for longer and ensure perfect chemical-free cleaning with just water.  Guaranteed for 300 machine washes, this is the most cost effective and green way to keep both the inside and outside of your home spotless and significantly reduces cleaning time.

About E-cloth:

About E-cloth: Manufactured in Korea, the E-cloth is developed and marketed by Enviro Products based in the UK and exported to NZ, UK, Canada, USA and South Africa.
The Basics: Each E-cloth has an extraordinary 480,000 strands per square centimetre, with each microfibre 1/100th the width of a human hair.  It is this, together with the wedge shape of each individual fibre, that gives the cloths their remarkable cleaning capability and their high absorbency.
Unlike conventional cloths, as you draw an E-cloth across a surface, the fibres clean by breaking up, trapping and absorbing dirt AND grease into the material.  All this with just water.

Stockists: selected New Worlds, Autel Kitchen Appliances, Mico Bathrooms, Mastertrade, Mitre 10, Kitchen Studio, EcoStore, Huckleberry Farms and leading health food and homeware stores. 

RRP$14.99 (one cloth per pack).

Also available from E-cloth; E-cloth General Purpose Cloth, E-cloth General Purpose Mitt, E-cloth four colour pack, E-cloth kitchen/bathroom pack, E-cloth mops. 

More information on E-cloth can be found on the website

Distributed in Australasia by The Green Boutique.

About The Green Boutique: The Green Boutique was established in 2007 to import and distribute the best natural, sustainable, organic and fair-trade products including; Simply Gentle organic cotton products, Princess Wool NZ made duvets, Cocolo organic and fair-trade chocolate, Qi organic and fair-trade tea, Earth Mama Angel Baby organic mother and baby products, Silikids baby products, Atlantis water hair colour, Allerzero dust mite spray and E-cloth chemical free cleaning cloths.

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