A line of wine-gum lollies branded with alcohol labels have been pulled from a South Island supermarket shelf.

Grocery giant Foodstuffs has removed alcohol-labelled wine-gums amid concerns about the sweet’s influence on children. Invercargill Pak’N Save bulk bins had stocked a wine-gum sweet branded with the names of alcoholic drinks. They include vodka, rum and port, and come in many bright colours.

Alcohol Advisory Council (Alac) chief executive officer Gerard Vaughan was not sure how appropriate it was to brand lollies with the names of alcohol products. Mr Vaughan planned to ask Pak’N Save owner Foodstuffs if it thought it was socially responsible to sell the sweets in light of New Zealand’s problems with underage drinking.

Additionally, the Advertising Standards Authority has broadened its code of advertising to cover a broader range of alcohol promotions and advertising. Foodstuffs South Island retail operations general manager Alan Malcolmson said: “Now that this has been pointed out to us, we will drop the names on these particular products,”

Mr MalcolmsonĀ said the sweets did not contain alcohol and they didn’t taste like rum, whisky or gin, or any other of the named brands.

Invercargill Pak’N Save operations manager Warren Bevin yesterday said the supermarket had pulled the wine gums after two years of selling them.




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