It’s almost a Minties Moment in itself! Cadbury has gone and messed with another Kiwi classic.

The recipe for Minties has been changed to what many consumers say is a softer, less minty version.

Not only that, production of the iconic lolly was moved to Thailand in August along with other old-man favourites: Mint Imperials and Curiously Strong Mints. Only one packet of New Zealand-made Minties could be found in New Plymouth yesterday with shelves dominated by the new Thai versions.

New Plymouth woman Tania Gecse noticed the change in her Minties last month and at first thought she had just bought an old batch. But another packet of the same type made her realise Cadbury, the company that makes Pascall Minties, had changed the recipe of the lolly she had loved for 30 years.

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