The latest in our Ceres Series looking at so-called superfoods and what they are all about! Brought to you in association with Ceres Organics.

Lens-shaped and colourful… lentils have been nourishing man for millennia. Rich in protein, lentils are ideal for vegetarian diets. They are one of the best vegetable sources of iron, an important nutrient for women. Lentils are high in cholesterol-lowering fibre, good fats, B vitamins and vital nutrients such as potassium, calcium, folateand magnesium.  A good source of low GI
carbohydrates which provide energy to the body without raising blood sugar, lentils promote heart health and a good digestive system. They’re also naturally gluten-free.

Care and some culinary knowledge help in obtaining the best nutritional value of lentils.

Rinse thoroughly and soak for a few minutes before cooking –it’ll cook faster and readily absorb flavours from other ingredients.

Click on the Recipes tab above for some wonderful, healthy creations using the tiny nutritional grain that are Lentils. Find out more about Lentils and other incredible, organic food by phoning Ceres Organics free in New Zealand on 0508 42-37-37 or visit 

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