The latest in our Ceres Series looking at so-called superfoods and what they are all about! Brought to you in association with Ceres Organics.

Centuries of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures have been using bulghur wheat as a staple.

The wheat is cleaned, par-boiled and dried before being broken up and sieved into different sizes. Because bulghur is pre-cooked, it naturally
resists mould, contamination and insects. Cooking allows the wheat’s naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to be retained, making bulghur much more nutrient-rich than processed wheat products.

It has more fibre and a lower glycemic load than white rice or couscous. Forget two-minute noodles and microwave rice – bulghur is the original instant food. All it needs is a soak in boiling water and voila, it’s ready to eat.

Bulghur is well known in tabbouleh, and with its light, nutty flavour, it’s also excellent in pilaf and other dishes in place of rice, for stuffing vegetables, or as a more nutritious version of the traditional chicken or turkey stuffing.

Click on the Recipes tab above for some wonderfully healthy creations using Bulghur! Find out more about Bulghur and other incredible, organic food by phoning Ceres Organics free in New Zealand on 0508 42-37-37 or visit

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