If you suffer from Hayfever it can be irritating, and for some, quite debilitating. Hayfever medication is sometimes necessary but it does have it’s side effects and is best kept for when you seriously need it.

Suffer from hayfever? Me too.

Nasal antihistamines will thin out the tissue of your sinuses making them bleed and more irritated by pollens and other irritants – so they actually make your hayfever worse.

Antihistamines you take internally have many side effects – primarily drowsiness, restlessness, insomnia, also upset stomach and dry mouth. You should also be avoiding antihistamines if you have problems with depression and steroid based antihistamines will also weaken the immune system over time. Herbal teas can be really effective at reducing the amount of antihistamines you have to take – so try New Zealand naturopath Leanne Pratt’s No Sneeze tea blend which is especially formulated for reducing hayfever symptoms and improving your overall respiratory health.

The key to success with herbal teas for hayfever is the consistency and length of time you take them. You might not notice a difference straight away – but within a week you should start to notice the benefits.

The sooner you start drinking Aaah Tea’s No Sneeze blend the more effective it will be.

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