We love tea here in the Fresh Kitchen and our favourite place to buy it online – with excellent health advice free – is aaahtea.co.nz. And news this week that a Waikato family are growing green tea to export around the world. Could NZ be saying goodbye to booze and hello to tea?

An export business that its founders hope will earn New Zealand the title of the world’s finest oolong green tea grower and one day rival kiwifruit and wine for export returns has been officially launched in Waikato.

The 50-hectare Zealong tea plantation at Gordonton, near Hamilton, was opened yesterday by Research, Science and Technology Minister Wayne Mapp.

Hamilton’s Chen family, formerly of Taiwan, has invested nearly $20 million in the export venture. In Taiwan, 1.7 kilograms of oolong tea is consumed per person each year.

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