They have just released a new premium Angus burger range and their profits are soaring despite the Recession, but not all is good at the House of M. Who would have thought that the little guys (McCurry) would take on the big buy (McDs) and win?!

McDonald’s has lost an eight-year trademark battle against the Malaysian restaurant McCurry, which serves Indian food.

The country’s highest court ruled on Tuesday that the US fast food giant cannot appeal against another court’s verdict that allowed McCurry to use the “Mc” prefix.
The ruling by the Federal Court ends all legal avenues for McDonald’s to protect its name from what it said was a trademark infringement.

A three-member Appeal Court panel had ruled in favour of McCurry Restaurant in April this year. The panel said there was no evidence to show that McCurry was passing off McDonald’s business as its own. McDonald’s asked the Federal Court for permission to appeal against that decision but was denied.

Bring on McCurry to New Zealand we say! Drive-through naan bread and a butter chicken? Brilliant.

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