McDonald’s has issued a statement in response to winning a hat trick at the annual children’s food marketing Fame and Shame Awards.

McDonald’s in Australia won the three Shame awards and the fast food giant responds:

“We do not believe McDonald’s is deserving of these awards or that they are reflection of the attitude of the majority of Australian parents, grandparents and guardians.

“As part of our philosophy of giving back to our community and as a leader in training and education we are proud to provide the funds towards a free maths online tutorial program for secondary students. We have received widespread support from schools and teachers, including the Australian Secondary Principal’s Association (ASPA) and the Catholic Secondary Principal’s Association (CaSPA), for helping to address the numeracy issue in Australia.

“In fact, more than one third of Australia’s 1.46 million secondary students have signed up to improve their maths skills and boost their tertiary and employment options since the launch of the high quality, independent online maths tutoring program earlier this year.

“Since 2002, we have worked closely with accredited practising dieticians and have made many positive changes to address community concerns around obesity and marketing our foods responsibly to children. We now have appealing and tasty healthier choices available for kids and adults. We only advertise foods/beverages to children that represent these healthier options. We focus on toys/characters with food as a response to parent’s desires that their McDonald’s experience is a fun and special occasion.

“By only associating these toys with healthier options we are making healthier options fun to eat. The purpose of our local children’s sports sponsorships are to encourage children to be active and we currently support 650,000 children, 15 per cent of the child population to be active.”

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