Welcome to our new Fresh Feature – Shelly Speaks. Shelly is a committed foodie and loves to let you in on her latest thoughts. Take it away clever Shelly…

Wow, must say where do I start?

Well as we know we are now in the new millennium and these days food isn’t just leaning over the kitchen bench, whipping up something to supply the family three meals a day. The food industry is growing more and more every day and becoming a true art. With “Shelly Speaks” I am going to discuss or view my opinion on many subjects like:

• Where the stock is being supplied from and how it is affecting people, businesses and families in New Zealand.

• Try and inform our foodies via Fresh about any new recipes I have found and tried, even discuss with people and if they have any recipes they would like to share and their own ‘tricks to the trade’.

• Due to experiencing other cultures, I’d love to get into finding/trying and discussing traditional foods and the history of the countries culture.

• I would to love to stick to what I enjoy most and keep trying new or old cafes/bars & restaurants, pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly on the service, food, pricing and the atmosphere of the venue. It’s always good to feel welcome.

• Also I would enjoy to be able to round up well known chefs around Manawatu and hopefully in the future be able to interview them about – who they are, why they chose this trade, what makes them tick.

• Also I would love to find the unknown chefs and get to know them better and help to promote their talent.

• Gosh in the future it would be great if we could even organise a bake off for Mums and Dads to give it a go!

• Fine wine is a thriving art and there are a few nice wineries in the lower North Island, investigating into that area will be part of “Shelly Speaks” also.

Oh, while it’s on my mind, the good old fashioned Sunday Roast… Where have they gone? I would like to encourage everyone to bring back the Sunday Roast at lunch, this is a fantastic time for us to all gather family and friends, to cherish one another. Even if families are spread around the world, as they are today, surly we know people within our neighbourhood that are maybe home alone and we could bring pleasure to one another by sharing a meal and laughter – CHRISTMAS DAY IS JUST NOT ENOUGH!

Til next time, Shelly

Feel free to email me at smokedtrout@slingshot.co.nz

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