Can’t get by without that morning cuppa? Well you’re on the right track. A new study out of the UK shows that those who take a break for a cup of tea suffer less stress. Put the jug on!

A recent study from London backs up what us tea drinkers already know!

Drinking tea reduces stress…

The researchers at City University London ran an experiment that put volunteers in a stressful situation.

The experiment placed volunteers in a stressful situation and found:-

A 25% increase in anxiety for those who did not receive tea immediately after the stressful event.

Conversely those who were given teas showed a 4% reduction in stress. So they were calmer than before they started!

There are two reasons tea reduces stress:-

1. The tea plant contains an ingredient called Theanine. Theanine has been shown in many studies to increase the activity of alpha brain waves. These brain waves relax us while improving alertness.

2. The symbolic associations we make between tea and psychological relief. So just putting the kettle on is a calming experience which relieves stress, researchers found.

This London study used Black Tea but since all tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant contains Theanine and we all have our rituals for the different types of tea you will find Green, White and Oolong tea will have the same stress reducing effect!

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