We all know a good cuppa can bring a healthy glow to your cheeks, and we’ve heard heaps about the wonders of green tea; so here’s introducing the cup of tea that does everything, including blush!

Blended by Bell’s Master Tea Taster, Matt Greenwood, Bell Zesty Berry is made from the finest quality green teas from Zhejiang Province, on the eastern coast of China (the same tea as Zesty Pure and Zesty Citrus), grown high up in the mountains, with high humidity and rainfall.  The tea is steamed after harvest resulting in a smooth, delicate flavour and then blended back here in New Zealand with a natural berry flavour (raspberry and blackcurrant).

As well as its beautiful pink hue, Zesty Berry is naturally high in antioxidants (nature’s defence against free radicals).  In fact, independent testing at the University of Auckland has confirmed that the Bell Zesty Green range actually delivers more antioxidants than other green teas on the market.

Matt Greenwood explains, “Most people know that green tea is good for them, but don’t know that it can also taste great as well  Combining a green tea base with a fruit flavour makes it even more accessible for those who are perhaps new to green tea, but are looking for the antioxidant benefits they hear so much about. This tea should be drunk without milk, any time of day, but is particularly refreshing after dinner.”

Celebrate with a healthy glow – in your cup, on your face and in your heart!

Bell Zesty Berry is available from NZ supermarkets nationwide for RRP $4.89 per pack of 50 tea bags.

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