She made beer-flavoured chocolate for the Brewers Conference, deer velvet chocolate for the Meat Industry Association conference, recycled orange peel-chocolate for the Waste Management conference and a Pop Rock Sugar chocolate for the Mercedes Benz launch, so what could Hanna Frederick, New Zealand’s most innovative chocolatier, come up with for this year’s Meat Industry Association conference?

Venison chocolate truffles! “It was a whole new world of flavours,” said Hanna, whose company Mamor is rapidly becoming world renowned for exciting chocolate ideas. “To use actual meat in the chocolate, but to still make it a desert, yet with the wonderful savoury flavours of venison was a huge challenge,” she said. Hanna reflected on the fact that in history chocolate was savoury for centuries before it was made sweet, so she concentrated on getting a delightful flavour, yet with all the uplifting qualities of chocolate. Her result was an extraordinary taste sensation with salami after-taste.

“I love it,” says Hanna. I never would have tried Venison in chocolate if not for the conference, but now I have, I think there are so many more opportunities for these kinds of flavours!” The proof however, will be in the eating at the conference which sees 150 delegates from the New Zealand meat production industry gather to discuss industry issues and opportunities. The conference is to be opened with a keynote address by Prime Minister the Hon. John Key on the 20th September in Auckland.

Conference Platinum sponsor Maersk Line approached Hanna to make the chocolate after last year’s Deer Velvet creation was so successful. Julian Bevis, CEO of Maersk said he wanted Hanna to really push the boundaries and reflect the innovation and creativity needed by the New Zealand meat industry to continue to be a huge export earner for New Zealand. “Hanna certainly rose to the challenge – she undeniably is New Zealand’s most passionate and innovative chocolatier,” he said.

Hanna Frederick is a Hungarian trained food chemist who moved to New Zealand 15 years ago and gave up the corporate life to follow her passion and make chocolate. Since then she has made headlines around the world her innovations. Her Beer-chocolate mentioned in the New York Time and her aphrodisiac-chocolate made with exotic herb Tongkat Ali was reported in the USA and Europe on the Fox news network.

Hanna lovingly calls her taste sensations couture chocolat.

“Chocolate is the ultimate pleasure-food,” she says. “There will never be enough ways to indulge in this gorgeous essence.”




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