Even though we are all still carefully watching our wallets, despite talk that the Recession is over, a new survey has found that Kiwis are still drinking plenty of booze. We’re just buying cheaper drops!

A nationwide ‘Kiwi Wine Habits’ survey commissioned by Liquorland Top 100 has revealed tough economic times are affecting the price New Zealanders are willing to spend on wine. Almost half of the 1700 survey respondents admitted the recession is impacting the amount of money they are prepared to spend on wine, with the majority (67 per cent) of New Zealanders spending $11 to $20 on a bottle of wine when entertaining at home.

However, despite shrinking budgets, most New Zealanders are still enjoying their favourite tipple on a regular basis, with the majority (24.8 per cent) saying they are drinking wine two to three times per week. Director of the Liquorland Top 100, wine consultant Belinda Jackson, says these trends reflect New Zealanders penchant for a good glass of wine, even when times are tight.

“While the price consumers are ready to spend on wine may be decreasing, people are still choosing to drink wine on a regular basis, it’s part of their lifestyle.

“The fact New Zealanders are still enjoying wine several times a week but selecting wines with a lower price point indicates more people are opting for a cheap night in with a bottle of wine rather than splurging on a big night out. “For those consumers tightening their purse strings but still wanting to enjoy quality wine, there are plenty of excellent local and international wines available at affordable prices.

“The Liquorland Top 100 awards deserving wines across the price spectrum and covers 20 wine classes, so there is really something for every budget and preference,” says Belinda. When questioned on the largest amount they have ever spent on a bottle of wine, 26.6 per cent of New Zealanders answered $21 to $30. Only 11.3 per cent have ever spent over $100 on a bottle of wine.

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