I was lucky enough recently to meet the vivacious and clever Maggie Beer. She was in Napier for the annual Foodwriters` Conference and she was inspiring to listen to and learn from. I rushed out and bought her cookbook Maggie`s Kitchen. And now, news of a richly deserved award.

South Australian chef, author, restaurateur and food manufacturer Maggie Beer has been named as the Senior Australian of the Year for 2010. The award is in recognition of achievements and contribution to life after 60.

Beer was recognised for her focus on cooking with seasonal produce, that has in turn, helped to educate Australians to make informed food choices. Beer said she hopes to change the way people think about their food in her new role as Senior Australian of the Year.

“For so many people, because of the change in our lives where both partners work, there’s not been that handing down of cooking skills. And it’s something that really is necessary for absolutely everyone,” Beer said.

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