Every foodie knows that the price of creativity in the kitchen can sometimes be accidental spills elsewhere in the house. A recent survey shows just what we’re tipping on our floors.

Recognising that 70% of all carpet stains are wet, New Zealand carpet maker Cavalier Bremworth has launched an emergency stain remover product which acts instantly to treat wet stains.

Tea, coffee and red wine are by far the biggest cause of household spills, with 30% of respondents to an AC Neilsen omni-survey saying they led to their most recent carpet stain. The next category was body waste such as urine or vomit – a whopping 19% of respondents admitting it was the last thing they had to clean off their carpet.  A very close third was soft drink, juice and beer at 18%.

The wet stain remover works by applying a soft foam which dissolves into the stain and lifts it off the carpet when blotted up with a clean dry towel or paper towel.  Repeat applications may be necessary depending on the type and strength of stain.

 However, Cavalier Bremworth marketing manager, Desiree Keown cautions that before any carpet stain treatment is used, the first step is to ‘contain the stain’ so it doesn’t spread any further. “It’s always tempting when you’re in a panic to throw water or other liquid onto it, but that will only spread the stain further and can damage the carpet backing. The first thing is always to blot up any excess liquid with a clean dry towel, sponge or paper towel and scrape off any solids with a knife or spoon – being careful not to push the substance further into the carpet pile.  Then you can apply the wet stain remover.” 

Cavalier Bremworth has had a very successful dry stain remover on the market for 20 years, and it remains the biggest-selling stain remover in supermarkets with an extremely loyal following.   

Desiree Keown says the fact the company designs and makes carpet is a key factor in the quality of its stain remover products and their effectiveness.  “The new wet stain remover has been thoroughly tested and designed to ensure no rubbing occurs as that can permanently damage the carpet pile. Other products on the market may recommend that but our customers trust us with our carpet care advice because they know we are the carpet experts.”

Desiree Keown says trials with the new wet stain product have proven it is extremely effective on troublesome marks such as red wine.



“We expect our new product to be one that most home-owners will want to keep on hand ‘in the event of emergencies’.”



 The 350g can is available through all supermarkets at the same price as the company’s dry stain remover.


Cavalier Bremworth


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