Looking for a good feed that is not going to cost you the earth? In the mood for something special but not sure where to find it? Want somewhere nice to eat but not bore you to tears? You need to read Great Kiwi Eats.

About Great Kiwi Eats by Peter Janssen:

Peter has travelled New Zealand as an author researching his many popular guidebooks. With a lifelong enthusiasm for eating well and economically, he knows how to stretch a dollar and make sure you don’t go to bed hungry in a strange town.

He knows where to find the best pies, the best seafood, the best custard squares, the best venison, the best whitebait sandwich and the best cheesecake.

Name a town and he’ll not only tell you what culinary delights are waiting to be discovered – and where to find them – he’ll know who makes them. As an added bonus he’ll amuse and delight you with potted histories, memorable anecdotes and events of culinary note.
Fun to read, even more fun to follow, try the delicious Kiwi food he’s chosen as the best, then make up your own mind about what make Great Kiwi Eats.

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