With the temperature still soaring, the last thing you feel like doing is slaving over a hot oven or grill when you could be outdoors enjoying the weather. Likewise, when the weather is hot, your taste buds crave the refreshing crispness of a mouthwatering salad.

Krispkut’s range of salad greens, kits, dressings and additions are the cool choice for warmer weather.

“In traditional Indian medicine, summer is the season of ‘Pitta’ and salads are recommended because of their cooling qualities,” explains Delwyn Turcich from Krispkut.

“We all want to be outdoors more over this time and whether you’re setting out a table in a field, having a picnic on the beach, or a barbecue on the deck, one thing you will always need is a standout salad.”

The Krispkut range will help you to make the most of the outdoors with warm autumn food on the go: pack a Cos Romaine Hearts salad bag, a Krispkut Caesar dressing and Krispkut Garlic and Herb Sprinkles and you’ve got a delicious fresh Caesar salad in seconds – an easy solution for camping or to take with you to friend’s houses, removing the need to bring a serving bowl.

“The Krispkut range has been developed to create colourful, healthy, quick meals that don’t require a lot of planning – perfect for warm weather dining,” says Turcich.

Krispkut is the world’s first fresh cuts salad company to achieve carboNZero certification for both its company processes and product innovation. This means we have identified ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, as well as robust and credible sustainability.

Sunny weather is guaranteed to make you feel good; make it even easier on yourself by grabbing a Krispkut salad and dressing from a Countdown, Foodtown or Woolworths store today.


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