Have you noticed that you can traipse for hours around a Farmers Market but not find any fresh peanuts? Madness. I know a few people on this planet have peanut allergies but I want to access fresh peanuts at a farmers market in NZ. You know, like Raffles Hotel Singapore style raw nuts.

Oh nuts!

Not that many years ago, you could buy large bags of beautiful, fresh, locally grown peanuts in the shell – and they weren’t fattening because the effort it took to peel them out of the shell (given that you dropped one in five) negated the eating.

If someone is growing peanuts locally and selling them at Farmers Markets, please give me a call on 0800 FRESH TV.

And more from the clever people at Clevedon Farmers Market, some words of advice re nuts:

Ever wondered why some food labels have warnings about traces of nuts, particularly peanuts, when the product and process seem so unrelated to peanuts it was like saying you had moon dust on your sneakers.

The answer is the genetic engineering – a seemingly unrelated food product may contain genetic material from a known allergen or the factory may process a product that contains genetically altered ingredients that contain genetic material from the allergen. Incidentally if GE ingredients in a product make up less than 1% GE labelling is not required in New Zealand.

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