31st October every year is Halloween and whilst it tends to be more of an American celebration, New Zealanders are jumping on the trick-or-treat bandwagon and taking to the streets all dressed up. Another Halloween trick is to host a scary dinner party! Check out this for a wow-factor dinner party idea.

Creating an unforgettable dinner experience with the WOW factor is now at your fingertips – check out dinnerexplorer.com

Electrolux Dinner Explorer is an interactive entertaining website that goes beyond recipes. It allows you to explore inspiring dinner & party themes – providing guidance on what to cook, how to decorate the table, what music to play, and what drinks to serve. Dinner Explorer will even provide you with a complete shopping list. Electrolux Dinner Explorer includes more than 50 international festivals and themes such as Bob Marley’s Birthday, Nobel Prize Banquet, Oktoberfest, St Patricks Day, and Chinese New Year.

With Halloween just around the corner, go to dinnerexplorer.com and check out how to make Blood Soup with Spider Web, Devilled Chicken Breast with Ant Eggs, Nutty Toffee Apples or whip up a Witches Brew. As with all the themes, the site has ideas for activities, dress code and music too.

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