Jaffles, Toastie-pies, Toasties. Whatever the label, everyone loves them and has their favourite. We asked you recently to send us your fave fillings and boy, did you! We are pretty sure the list below covers most of the basic food groups. There are toasted sandwiches for every meal of the day, sweet or savoury.

We particularly liked Diane Davidson’s Blue Ribbon Beef Sandwich:

Blend spreadable cream cheese with finely chopped parsley and a little mustard. Spread this on the bread of your choice. Season with salt and pepper. Top with thinly sliced silverside or roast beef (from the deli). Sprinkle with a layer of fresh blueberries on the meat and place the second bread slice on top. Toast in a sandwich press.

And Janine Ingham’s favourite: rocket, pear, gorgonzola, and caramelized onion.

Here is a selection of the weird and wonderful fillings you sent us.

Bacon, cheese, baked beans, salt & pepper

Cooked chicken shredded, sliced camembert cheese, and homemade apricot relish

Creamed corn and pepper

Peanut butter and banana

Crunchy peanut butter and thick slices of tomato with salt & Pepper

Red onion, cheese and mayonnaise mixed together with seasoning

Cranberry sauce, rocket lettuce and camembert.

Left over roast potatoes and pumpkin mixed with a little cheese and mustard

Spaghetti and thyme

Ham and mustard

Cheese and pineapple

Smoked salmon and caviar with cream cheese

Ham  cheese and satay sauce

Cracked black pepper, cheese slices and tinned corned beef

plum jam, cheese and aioli

Curried mince

Apricot and cheese with grilled bacon

And for a sweet fix…

Chocolate fish

Banana and chocolate chips

Banana bacon and maple syrup

Banana, honey and crushed walnuts

Stewed apple

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