Sure, some biscuits are loaded with sugar, flavours and artificial colour, but are there good ones? And what about crackers, are they healthier than chips?

This Tuesday night we’ll discover that just because it’s called a cracker it doesn’t mean it’s better for you than a chip.

This coming Tuesday’s episode of What’s Really In Our Food is all about biscuits, hosted by Petra Bagust, who investigates the food we eat , exploring the benefits and risks and debunking some of the popular myths or misunderstandings surrounding so many food products.

Looking at where our food comes from and how it is made, and along the way demystifying the science, testing the ingredients and translating the labels.

Petra will speak to both local and international food experts – leading medical professionals, scientists, and nutrition experts – unravelling the processes involved in the production of our food.
What’s Really In Our Food, TV3, Tuesdays 8pm.

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