The world’s first all-natural low GI cane sugar comes to New Zealand.

Chelsea Sugar will today bring LoGiCane, the world’s first all-natural low glycemic index (GI) cane sugar to New Zealand.

With diabetes and obesity on the rise in New Zealand, the advent of a low GI sugar will provide consumers with a healthier choice without compromising on taste or texture. Low GI foods are slower to digest, metabolise and absorb, providing longer lasting energy and increasing satiety.

LoGiCane can be used in exactly the same way as regular sugar for baking, cooking and for sprinkling on cereal but with a significantly lower GI , making it easier for New Zealanders to achieve a low GI diet. Dr Alan Barclay of the Glycemic Index Foundation believes that replacing white refined sugar with a healthier low GI sugar alternative could have significant benefits for public health.

“There is increasing evidence that a low GI diet helps to reduce hunger, prolong physical endurance and aid weight loss,” says Dr Barclay. “A low GI diet can also improve diabetes management and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.”

LoGiCane was developed by Horizon Science, an Australian Research and Development company and has been independently tested and certified by the Glycemic Index Foundation. LoGiCane is made from 100% sugar cane grown in Mossman, Queensland and retains more of the natural antioxidants, found in sugar cane. It is fully substitutable for traditional white refined sugar and has no chemical additives, artificial colours or preservatives.

LoGiCane is now on supermarket shelves under the Chelsea brand RRP $2.99 for 500 gram pack.

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