A healthy and nutritious alternative to mainstream snack chips has arrived on supermarket shelves across New Zealand in the form of Kumara Chips.

Lower in fat and calories than common potato chip brands, Kumara Chips from Kenny’s are rich in beta carotene, high in dietary fibre, and a high source of Vitamin C, iron, calcium and fibre. The new chips are the only snack chips made from kumara on sale in New Zealand supermarkets nationwide.

Available in two flavours, Original and Salt & Pepper, Kumara Chips fill a gap for a healthy, tasty and affordable snack to fit in with modern lifestyles. The versatile chips can be eaten at any time, enjoyed at parties, picnics and barbeques, included in children’s lunch boxes, or served with a dip when entertaining.

Launched by Nutritious Foods Ltd., Kumara Chips are targeted at household decision makers, parents, professionals and lifestylers. “We believe that the long history of New Zealanders enjoying kumara will attract consumers to trying the healthy vegetable in a fresh new format,” says Brand Manager, Kenneth Wang.

Kumara Chips distinctive yellow and orange packaging can be found alongside potato chips in the snack food aisle of supermarkets where they are currently on special at $3.49 for a 140g pack (standard price $3.99).

Mr Wang says Kumara Chips fulfil consumer aspirations to eat healthier by providing a nutritious alternative to other snacks foods.

“We are committed to providing a healthier choice for people wishing to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying a tasty snack. For this reason Kumara Chips are lower in fat than any of the leading chip brands, while still retaining that sweet kumara taste,” he says.

Kumara Chips offer a generous supply of vitamins and minerals, and contain no traceable gluten or trans fat. A combination of complex carbohydrates in kumara gives the chips a natural sweetness.

Mr Wang says that Kumara Chips contain less oil residue than other snack chips because of the use of a unique low temperature cooking method.

“It is a process that takes three to four times longer than traditional deep frying and the result is a chip that is crisp and retains the natural colour, flavour and nutrients of kumara, while containing less oil which means less fat.”

Kumara is low in GI (Glycaemia Index), known for helping maintain healthy body weight, blood glucose (sugar) levels and reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. It has been ranked as the number one vegetable for nutrition in a US study*.

Kumara Chips are available from Countdown stores nationwide as well as other select supermarkets.

Visit Kumara Chips at www.kumarachips.co.nz

* Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)

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