Want something ready to eat and naturally sweet? Get your gnashers on a nashi.

Needing to up the vitamin levels due to the change of seasons, or perhaps you need to add some goodness to your 5+ A Day, then may we suggest the niceness of Nashi.

We bit in to a few Nashi pears over the weekend, sent for us to try here in the Fresh Kitchen, from nifty Nashi growers Ian and Mary Wallace in the Waikato. And quite frankly, we were blown away how good they were. There’s the green skin and golden variety and they are juicy, fresh, sweet, delicious, crisp, white and divine.

Nashi have pure, natural vitamins and are 100% fat free. It is even a fruit that helps those watching their weight as it provides the sweetness and juiciness that a soft drink addict might need.

And here are a few ideas for serving or enjoying Nashi pears… or are they apples? Or are they a pear crossed with an apple?

1. Nashi cheese board:  sliced nashi with a dash of lemon, served with walnuts, creamy blue cheese and sliced salami

2. Drinks: Nashi juice, freshly squeezed

3. Hors d’oeuvre: Spiced Nashi (flavoured with curry, cinnamon and ginger ) served with cold meats. Or Nashi and camembert pieces wrapped in filo and fried. Mmmmm.

4. Cooking: Try this magnificent meal… Steak tenderised in Nashi Juice, then BBQ’d and served  Nashi slices. The pear takes the flavours of meat and spices like cinnamon and ginger go very well with gamey meats like venison.

5. Dessert: grated Nashi with liqueur and passionfruit or with preserved ginger and vanilla icecream.  Or make a Nashi and Marsala cobbler.

6. Coffee and Cake: Spiced Nashi Cake and coffee. Use Nashi in recipes as you would apples and pears.

Want to know more about Nashi?

Look at Nashi recipes at www.pipfruitnz.co.nz
Or keep a foodie eye on www.nashi.org.nz

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