Rick Stein’s latest seafood venture will take you on a culinary journey through Spain…so jump on for the ride.

Buckle down in your favourite armchair….Annette Hynes, Darren Rae, Veronica Donaldson, Sonia Wilson and Tania Gardham. You’ve all won Rick Stein’s Spain on DVD..Well done from the fresh Team!

Using his friend’s old campervan, Rick Stein climbs aboard to travel the length and breadth of Spain in search of a culinary duende – a flamenco term, implying a sense of soul, expression and authenticity.

From Galicia, the Basque country and Catalonia to Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia, Rick samples his way through the specialities and hidden treats of each region, including the famous Asturian fabada, a hearty bean stew; pintxos, delicious Basque tapas; the sweet and succulent prawns of Palamós in Catalonia and food influenced by the New World in the Antigua Abaceria of Seville.

Along the way Rick savours the delights and atmosphere of the cider festival at Gijon, the snail festival in Lleida and a spectacular paella festival in Valencia, as well as observing the skills on display at vineyards, beach parties, garlic farms, secret Cabrales cheese caves and much more.

Episode 1
Rick’s journey begins in Galicia – famous for pilgrims, rain, fog, fresh seafood, empanadas (little fishy pies similar to pasties) and more rain… He eats ‘tortillas de patata’ in the King of Spain’s favourite restaurant and meets up with a couple of cool dudes who run a little restaurant in the old market of Santiago de Compostela. In neighbouring Asturias, he enjoys a cider festival at Gijon; samples the famous ‘fabada’ – a hearty bean stew with sausage, belly pork and black pudding; and explores the making of Cabrales cheese in secret caves. Finally, in this programme stuffed with goodness and jollity, Rick enters the Basque Country, where they like nothing better than to cook great fish dishes, drink local wine and sing.

Episode 2
One of the great delights of Basque food are ‘pinxos’; huge tapas portions. Rick learns all about them in a crowded bar in San Sebastian. In Ordizia, he marvels at how the toddlers from local schools all come to the market to see the various wares on display, while the
teacher explains what things are. Battling through the rain he arrives at La Rioja, one of the richest regions of the country, stuffed with fabulous vineyards. Then it’s on to Navarra and its most famous town, Pamplona – known for its bull running and Ernest Hemingway – and the
Catalonian town of Lleida – which is crazy about snails!

Episode 3
After so many mountain passes, dusty plains and rather shabby villages the blue sea of the Mediterranean beckons. Rick is invited to a beautiful beach party at La Pelosa, where everyone gets stuck into preparing lunch. Continuing his journey through the spectacular
countryside, far removed from the high-rise holiday destinations of the Costa Brava, he seeks out an old mill, El Moli, a restaurant and a magical place his boyhood friend Mark told him about years ago. Rick also eats some of the best seafood in the country, including prawns from Palamos, best simply tossed in a hot pan with sea salt – sweet and succulent!

Episode 4
Rick attends a spectacular paella festival in Valencia – where the iconic dish was first created. The campervan moves towards the centre of the country, arid plains dotted with lovely old style windmills with their beautiful sails and Rick goes to the vineyard of Campo de Criptana where the grape harvest is in full swing. In La Mancha, he joins the local garlic farmers and enjoys the best garlic soup in the world. After visiting the remote and magical Extramadura, Rick drives to the fabulous city of Seville in Andalucia – finishing the series at sunset at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, where the Old World met the New World and changed the way we ate forever.

RRP $29.99 2 disc

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