Just before you read on about how great these movies are..Fresh wants to congratulate…Damon Lewis, David Morgan, Amanda Bateman, Paul Greenfield and Nicola Jeffrey…you’re all winners of the Classics DVD pack of both these amazing movies.

Great Expectations stars Ray Winstone, David Suchet, Gillian Anderson and newcomer Douglas Booth, this three-part adaptation by Sarah Phelps (Eastenders, Oliver Twist) delivers a vibrant and visceral story. Eleven-year-old orphan, Pip, runs into an escaped convict on the marshes near his home. The convict, Magwitch (Ray Winstone), orders the boy to steal a file from his Uncle Joe’s forge to remove his shackles. The terrified Pip returns with the file and some food – and this innocent act of kindness is set to have far reaching consequences for them both.

 Meanwhile, Miss Havisham (Gillian Anderson) the reclusive owner of grand Satis House, has requested a boy be sent to her; Pip is to be a playmate to her adopted daughter Estella. Miss Havisham encourages Pip to believe that he might be destined for a future beyond the marshes, a future linked to that of her beautiful daughter. Pip’s hopes are dashed, though, when Miss Havisham pays for him to be apprenticed to Joe as a blacksmith.

 At first Pip struggles to come to terms with a life in the forge but eventually accepts this as his fate. However, everything changes when a lawyer from London, Jaggers (David Suchet), makes a surprise visit. He informs the now adult Pip (Douglas Booth) that he is a young man of great expectations and will inherit a fortune when he becomes twenty-one. There is one condition. Pip must not enquire into the identity of his benefactor; this will remain secret until that person chooses to reveal themselves. In the meantime Jaggers is his guardian. Pip sets out for London leaving all he knows behind to pursue his new life, with his heart set on seeing Estella again.

RRP :$29.99 1 disc

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Emma is a fresh and witty adaptation of Jane Austen’s comic masterpiece by award-winning writer Sandy Welch (Jane Eyre, North and South, Our Mutual Friend). Providing a rich insight into one of the author’s most complex characters, this 2009 production of Emma from the BBC is spread over four hour-long episodes.

Romola Garai (Atonement, Vanity Fair) plays the beautiful, clever and rich Emma Woodhouse, a young woman who dominates her small provincial world of Highbury. Misguidedly believing that she is a skilled matchmaker, Emma repeatedly attempts to pair up her friends and acquaintances, often with regrettable consequences. Certain of her talents, she plays a dangerous game when she persuades her new friend, the young, pretty and socially inferior Harriet to reject an advantageous marriage proposal to a local farmer in favour of dashing Mr Elton. So begins a story which challenges Emma’s naivety and her social preconceptions.

This compassionate and humorous story of self-deceit and self-discovery features a stellar cast that includes Romola Garai (Atonement), Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) and Michael Gambon (Harry Potter, Cranford, Gosford Park).

Special Features: Emma’s Locations /Emma’s Costumes /Emma’s Music /Emma’s Mr Woodhouse.

RRP : $39.99 2 disc

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