Shane Warne is again hitting the headlines, as the Aussie spin king sheds weight and uses face creams to achieve a glistening new look that has seen him described as a waxwork. Is it the Liz Hurley Diet?

Warne, 41, who retired from first-class cricket in 2008, has been dating actress and model Liz Hurley, 46, since last year, and during the relationship there has been a notable change to the blond Aussie’s appearance.

In the past four months, Warne has lost 12.7kg, British newspaper the Daily Mail reported.

The one-time chubby, cigarette-smoking Warne has been pictured in recent weeks sporting a slim figure and narrow face, but denies undergoing surgery or having been subjected to a strict regime by his health-fanatic girlfriend.

“I have always taken pride in my appearance and an attack on EH [Elizabeth Hurley] is unfair. I’m proud of how I look and worked my butt off for four months,” Warne said on Twitter according to the Mail.

The Daily Mirror newspaper said Warne admits having had his teeth whitened and credits his good skin with the beauty creams endorsed by Hurley, the face of Estee Lauder.

“Warney is barely recognisable he is so thin and ladylike,” an onlooker told the Mirror.

“He used to be a man’s man and was really rough on the edges but all this has gone. He looks more like a waxwork these days.”

Warne lives in Melbourne but has been a regular guest at Hurley’s London home while he works as a commentator on the England versus India test series.

Warne has explained how he has slimmed down on his website.

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