The 60s song went “Hey there, Georgie girl…” but passionate NZ pie fans are screaming “Hey there, Georgie Pie.” A massive Bring Back Georgie Pie campaign is underway, but McDonald’s lawyers have taken a bite out of the proposed restaurant resurrection.

Verboom Badges store owner Phil Callaghan received a letter from a lawyer acting for McDonald’s shortly after increased publicity for the “Bring Back Georgie Pie” campaign recently.

His shop, in the Left Bank Arcade, off Cuba St in Wellington, sells kiwiana badges and T-shirts.

In the letter, intellectual property lawyer Simon Fogarty asked that Mr Callaghan stop making two products which feature a modified version of the Georgie Pie logo.

He agreed, but asked if he could have a “grace period” to sell his remaining 183 T-shirts and 650 badges with the “Bring Back Georgie Pie” logo.

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