New NZ cookbook Grace & Flavour is a celebration of traditional Anglo-Kiwi food.

Presenting 90 classic recipes from vintage New Zealand cookbooks, Barbara Keen takes us on a nostalgic culinary journey, rediscovering the delicious, economical food that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers really used to make.

Presented in both original and easy-to-follow modern versions, these recipes are worth making and worth remembering. We can now be proud of our food heritage. This stunning compilation will appeal to anyone as an antidote to expensive and complicated modern cuisine. The recipes are simple, and their reliance on seasonal and local New Zealand produce will appeal to those who strive for ‘green’ shopping.

As well as being economical and healthy, this cookbook is a fascinating insight into our culinary history.

‘We have lost our old food. Actually, we’ve tossed it away and pursued the fast, the foreign and the fashionable. We now eat other people’s food in preference to our own; we are tourists at our own dining tables and no-one seems to have noticed. Barbara Keen thinks we should be paying attention.’  Quote on Grace & Flavour from The Otago Daily Times

Grace & Flavour, by Barbara Keen, available on sale from 10th April 2012  $36.99 RRP

About the Author:
Barbara Keen has been a food and travel writer and a restaurant reviewer for more than 30 years. She has written for numerous New Zealand publications, including Cuisine, Otago Daily Times and The Press.
Since 1999, she’s been writing for Bespoke France and leads the annual ‘Taste France’ guided tour, as part of the travel business she has run with her partner since 1990.
Barbara has always had an interest in food and comes from a long line of cooks, most notably her great-grandmother Alice Baigent, who co-wrote The Golden Bay Red Cross Cookery Book.
In 2003, Barbara wrote an article for the Otago Daily Times looking at the near disappearance of traditional Anglo-New Zealand food and discussing the exhibition ‘Lost Food: A Colonial Culinary Past’ which was showing at the Otago Settlers Museum. She has won a Culinary Quill Award for Educational Food Writing and lives in Port Chalmers with her partner and two dogs.

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