Beer battered fish has been given an authentic Nelson twist thanks to Sealord and McCashin’s Brewery.

Sealord,New Zealand’s largest seafood brand renowned for quality and delivering irresistible seafood, has partnered with McCashin’s Brewery, the makers of Stoke Amber Beer, to create a recipe for tasty beer battered Hoki fillets.

Beer battered fish is a well-known kiwi favourite, so when Sealord created their Simply Crafted Beer Batter, they wanted to partner with a craft beer brewer for a really authentic product. McCashin’s Brewery was a perfect match; they brew Stoke to a traditional recipe using organic hops, no artificial additives or colouring and are conveniently located nearby in Nelson.

“It made sense for Sealord to partner with McCashin’s Brewery,” says Sealord GM International Marketing, Jason Plato.  “Both Sealord and McCashin’s Brewery have a shared heritage in the Nelson community.”

Sealord believe their new Simply Crafted Beer Battered Hoki fillets offer a great taste of Nelson while tapping into the growing trend towards eating quality, local ingredients.  The range is all about real ingredients; the Hoki is caught off the coast ofNew Zealand, then hand cut into fillets and snap-frozen to retain the natural goodness of fresh fish.  Each fillet is then coated in a scrumptious batter made with premium Stoke Amber beer.

Stoke Amber can be likened in style to a traditional English amber ale.  It uses eight different malts and these are well balanced with the organic hops that are grown in Nelson. “Craft beer is evolving in the NZ market, and is becoming a viable alternative to matching wine with food, this is a really great opportunity to partner with Sealord to create a delicious fusion of local produce,” says Emma McCashin of McCashin’s Brewery.

Celebrity Chef Paul Jobin is really passionate about the opportunity to work withNew Zealandingredients and has been experimenting with mouth-watering dishes to enhance the flavour experience of Sealord Simply Hoki fillets. “Stoke Amber Beer gives a distinctive malt flavour to the batter. There is almost a caramelisation that takes place when you cook the fillets, and the taste is unmistakably authentic and fresh,” says Jobin.

Delicious Hoki fillets are hand cut, snap-frozen then coated in a crispy Stoke Beer batter.

RRP $11.99

Sealord and McCashin’s Brewery together, bringing you a real taste of Nelson.

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