Dollop – such a great word you’d hope it tastes as good as it sounds. It does and lucky for our mates across the ditch they’re about to get a large helping.
The Aussies can now indulge in a Dollop of Goodness courtesy of Dollop Pudding’s move into the Australian gourmet food market under the name The Dollop kitchen.
Those Ockers will now find Dollop handmade pudding at gourmet delis and food stores in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth including the popular Thomas Dux and Harris Farms chains.
According to Co-Director of Dollop Puddings Christie McCarthy, getting the business off the ground in New Zealand seemed like such a daunting prospect that the Australian retail market wasn’t initially even considered. However after learning more about the market through meeting with other Kiwi companies who export, it became apparent when preparing Dollop’s second year business plan to include a solid strategy for how to approach the Australian market.
“Our strategy in Australia is to cement the brand into high end deli’s where the customer base tends to be more ‘foodie’, loves discovering new products and brands, appreciates real food made the old fashioned way and appears to love New Zealand made products,” Christie says.
“We have had such great support from our stockists in New Zealand but while the ‘deli’ concept is quite new in New Zealand it is much more established in metropolitan Australia. City dwellers are much higher users of public transport which changes their shopping behaviour – many households shop on foot every night on their way home from their bus/train stop and are high users of deli style retailers. Our friends at Kohu Rd are already successfully exporting to this market. Their generous advice and learnings from their experience have proven to be totally invaluable to us,” Christie concludes.
Rebranding as The Dollop Kitchen marks a fresh start and opens up opportunities for the business outside of the ‘pudding’ category in New Zealand and Australia. The Dollop Kitchen packaging will be phased into the New Zealand market over the next couple of months.
The move into Australia will be supported by hands-on sampling and demonstrations in-store, as per the brand’s launch strategy in New Zealand.
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